The ‘Middle Man’ Battery Adapter Kit V2


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The new ZED ‘Middle Man’ Battery Adapter V2 provides an instant portable power source @ 12v output to use in many different ways while on the move.  Simply slide in your existing Milwaukee, Makita or DeWALT power tool batteries to provide instant portable power for many heavy duty applications.  Use the battery adapter as a primary source of power or a backup solution in your car, 4WD, caravan, truck, boat or motorbike. Save hours and hours on charging down time by swapping out the power tool batteries for a fully charged set.

It converts your 18v power tool batteries to a 12v power supply.

This pack includes a ZED strap and double S hook to easily attach to many different products.  The battery adapter is fitted with a low voltage disconnect to turn your power tool batteries off (We highly recommend you don’t buy an adapter without a working LVD).  Designed and assembled in Australia from high quality poly-carbonate plastics.

The strong lightweight design allows the power tool battery adapter to be attached to most objects, providing instant power for most 12 volt applications, such as:

  • Portable Fridges – Estimated run time – Engel 32L with 2 x 6a/h batteries @ 4 degrees empty, can last approximately 26hrs 
  • Waeco, ARB, Kings, Brass Monkey, Engle, KickAss, Dometic, Bushman, EVA Cool, Companion, MyCoolman, OzTrail, XTM and more.
  • Fans
  • Phone Chargers
  • Work lights, Camp lights, Emergency lights, Stadium camp lights
  • Small pumps
  • Boat electrics – sounders, navigation lights, anchor lights, kayaks 
  • Camp Showers
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Inflatable mattress pumps
  • Water kettles

Compatible – Milwaukee RED LITHIUM M18 / DeWALT XR Flexvolt  / Makita 18v LXT

NOTE – Portable fridges should always be run up to temperature before operating on an external power supply.  There are many variants to consider, such as battery quality (new or old), opening and closing, direct sunlight, protective blanket, temperature settings, OAT, full or empty fridge, fridge quality, seal quality etc.  Maximum output 12v @ 10amp.

Vehicle by-pass compatibility :

Plug the Middle Man battery adapter directly into your vehicle’s 12v cigarette power socket bypassing the power tool batteries, prolonging the life of the power tool batteries. When the vehicle is switched off the Middle Man will automatically switch over and provide its own power from the power tools batteries (does not charge batteries).  This allows an instant portable power source that does not require expensive additional battery installations and can be easily switched between vehicles or other applications. 

Solar sharing capabilities :

Connect a regulated solar panel in conjunction with your ‘Middle Man’ via an Anderson plug splitter to the output plug. The solar panel will then take priority in powering your device until light is affected, at which point the ‘Middle Man’ will take over. This setup would ensure that the device is powered primarily by solar energy as long as there is sufficient light.

We have designed and developed our very own LVD ‘Low Voltage Disconnect’. This critical PCB ‘Power Control Board’ will automatically switch off your power tool battery or batteries before draining to low, potentially causing damage or failure. Our ‘LVD’ will not keep draining your battery or batteries after automatically switching off, This means you wont need to worry about removing your battery or batteries immediately after use.

ZED Middle Man Battery Adapter Kit V2 Includes:

  • Strong Polycarbonate Power Tool Battery Adapter
  • 50Amp Anderson to cigarette socket (female)
  • ZED strap
  • Double S stainless steel hanging hook
  • Universal Carry Bag
  • Internally fused
  • In built LVD Low Voltage Disconnect.

Note: This pack does not include power tool batteries.

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